3 Simple Ways Funeral Homes Can Use Technology to Help Families (and Their Businesses) Simultaneously


Funeral homes know that the details matter. They take immense pride in helping families honor and commemorate loved ones and look to provide every family with a unique experience. On many occasions, funeral directors have to balance offering unique customizations for a family and ensuring they spend the appropriate amount of time with every family they care for. 

Introducing supportive technology can help enhance personalization for families while helping  funeral homes reduce the time required to manage details. We have curated three best practices on how technology can help. 


Programs including Aftercare can be automated to generate messaging based on key case details at the appropriate time, including the anniversary of passing. It  provides a wonderful opportunity for continuous care and creates meaningful touchpoints with a family without a heavy lift from funeral directors. The messaging is adjustable based on an individual’s relationship with the deceased, religious or cultural observances, and frequency of messaging. This flexibility, paired with automated sends and the ability to see ongoing engagement, enables Funeral Homes to personalize with no effort. To some, the word automation may feel cold. In fact, this simple technology can easily add warmth and personalization.

Keepsakes provide comfort and help families honor and commemorate their loved ones. Some technology helps you to determine the most appropriate tributes for a family and enables families to see and approve the personalized keepsakes prior to the services.  Let technology help you determine what to create, including Prayer Cards and Yahrzeit Calendars, and enable you to design, email, and print in minutes. Unique services like this allows funeral directors and funeral homes to share proofs with families prior to printing, saving time and offering a personalized experience. 

Oftentimes many decisions and events surround a funeral. While funeral homes have traditionally relied on paper, and may continue to do so, there are technologies that enable the sharing of digital files.  These digital files allow families to access information from anywhere and easily share details with their supporters.  Sympathy Brand’s FuneralPlan™ is an enhanced support feature where supporters can find service information, send appropriate condolence gifts, and safely make personalized contributions. Additionally, these features are integrated with other technologies, reducing data entry and data duplication for funeral homes.

There are many ways introducing technology helps customize the experience for families and elevates existing in-person care. Enabling families to receive more personalized touchpoints, visualize keepsakes prior to receiving them, and having a simple way to track and share information are some examples. Each of these additional features is powered by technology that both provides excellent family care and saves the funeral home time.

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