Understanding Cemeteries

Cemeteries are special places entrusted with the dignified care of loved ones. Designed to reflect the culture, traditions, and burial practices of the communities they serve, each cemetery offers a unique combination of burial options, interment services, and memorialization. The size, structure, and ownership of cemeteries can dramatically affect the care and level of service provided both now and in the future.

Understanding Funerals

Following a loss, the need to gather together and mourn is a deeply human practice present in all cultures. The two most common service types following a passing are a Funeral service or a Cremation memorial service. Funeral and Cremation services offer different opportunities to honor our loved one and to comfort the community of mourners. The selection of a funeral versus a cremation is a deeply personal choice that should be made taking into account both the individual’s wishes and those of the closest loved ones. Free Pre-Planning Guide

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  • End of Life decision making tools and information
  • Burial Options fully explained
  • How planning can safeguard and protect your family's legacy and much more to help lead you through the process
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Understanding Memorials & Headstones

Find information and guidance for ways to honor and commemorate loved ones following the burial

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