A burial is a unique and personal experience. There are many burial options available to address the traditions, lifestyle, cultural or religious beliefs, or personal requirements for the decedent and the individual(s) planning a funeral and burial. 

Cemeteries allow for  different types of burials based on a number of factors. Some of the characteristics that help determine the services a cemetery provides include the size of the cemetery, the types of memorialization, religious affiliations, socioeconomic status of the community, location, climate, and topography.

To accommodate the different needs of a community, a cemetery may offer more than one type of burial option. Often, cemeteries with multiple burial options are separated into sections with each offering specifically designated types of burial. For example, a cemetery may offer traditional in-ground burial plots with upright monuments in one section and may have a mausoleum building providing above-ground entombment in another part of the cemetery.



Purpose and Characteristics of Burial Options

Burial options are designed to reflect the religion, culture, traditions, and personal choices of  individuals and the community. The evolution of burial traditions have led to a wide range of available burial options.

Common Burial Option Types

In-Ground Burial is the most traditional and common, burial option offered by cemeteries in which casketed or cremated remains are buried in the ground.
Above-Ground Entombment 
is a burial option wherein an individual’s casketed or cremated remains are placed in a crypt or niche. 
Natural Burial Options 
help minimize the environmental impact and footprint of the burial and memorialization. 
Cremation Gardens & Scattering Gardens 
are special areas within cemeteries designed exclusively for cremated remains. 
Water Burials
 are used  for those who wished to have their remains buried at sea.


Types of Burial Costs

The cost for a particular type of burial depends on a number of factors including the cemetery chosen, type of burial, the location of plot within the cemetery, memorialization options allowed, and perpetual care funding.
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Understanding the differences between the types of available burial options, both within a cemetery and between different cemeteries, may help individuals and families balance value and cost when selecting the most appropriate final resting place.

In-Ground Burials

Above-Ground Entombment

Cremation Gardens

Natural & Green Burials