Cost of Cemetery Plots & Graves

Cemetery burials tend to be the type of burial families are most familiar with. While there are typically many questions surrounding cemetery burials and interments, one of the most frequently asked questions is "what is the cost of a cemetery plot?"

How Much Does a Cemetery Plot Cost?

The cost of a cemetery plot, which can consist of one grave or many, varies based on a number of factors, including the type of cemetery and its geographic location, the number of graves in the plot, the location of the plot in the cemetery, and more.

The average price of a single burial plot ranges between $1,000 and $4,500. A burial plot is defined as the physical space itself, which holds a casket or urn.

Some of the aspects that may impact the price include whether the burial plot is in a public or private cemetery, the location of the cemetery (major metropolitan areas where space is limited and more difficult to find may be more expensive than in rural areas), and the type of space (i.e. grave, crypt, mausoleum). Additionally, the size of a plot may affect the price—some families select single plots, which consist of one grave, while others prefer larger spaces that may include double plots (tandem or double depth) or family plots (multiple spaces) may be better suited for a family. Cremation burial plots, which are smaller and designed to hold an urn with cremated remains, may cost less. In addition to burial plots, individuals or families may have the option to purchase niches to hold cremated remains, or crypts within a mausoleum.

Additional Burial Costs Beyond the Cost of the Cemetery Plot

In many locations, depending on both cemetery and state laws, families should remain aware of additional costs beyond the land itself. Burial costs may also include interment costs consisting of the opening and closing of the grave, burial permits, grave liners, monuments such as a headstone or flat marker, and perpetual care/groundskeeping fees.

Many cemeteries also charge a maintenance fee for the upkeep of the graves and grounds. In some cases, the cemeteries will charge a fixed fee, often ranging from 5% to 15% of the price of the plot, added to the total cost. Other cemeteries choose to bill families a fixed fee annually to maintain the grounds.

Estimated Average Burial Costs:

  • Plot Cost: $1,000-$4,500
  • Opening & Closing Costs: $350-$3,000
  • Burial Permits: $30+
  • Grave Liners/Vaults: $700-$7,000
  • Monument: $500-$3,000

Options to Save on Burial Costs:

Purchasing a cemetery plot in advance is one way to lock in costs and spare future generations a portion of final need expenses. While the cost of goods and services may increase in the future, the cost of the plot itself, which is usually owned in perpetuity, will remain set. Additionally, by planning in advance, families can purchase multiple graves on their plot helping reduce the burden for future generations.

Cost of Cemetery Plot Summary:

Many factors can impact the cost of a cemetery plot. As you consider the option that works best for your family, it is important to have all the information prior to making final decisions.


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