Cremation Gardens and Scattering Gardens

Families have a range of options after receiving their loved one’s cremated remains. Some may choose to keep them in a decorative urn at home, while others may find peace visiting traditional cemeteries. Many cemeteries have special areas specified for burying cremated remains.

What is a Cremation Garden?

Cremation gardens are designated areas within a cemetery, specifically for those who have selected cremation. Designed to offer families serenity and contemplation amid natural surroundings, cremation gardens are often attractive, peaceful areas, separated from the larger cemetery grounds.

Burial Options Within Cremation Gardens

Several options for burial within the garden may be available depending on the area. Various burial, visitation, and memorialization options may be offered as well.

Cremation gardens may include large or small structures. These structures, called columbaria, house niches for individual urns, and may be free standing or part of a mausoleum.

Another alternative includes decorative memorials, such as a cremation bench where cremated remains are placed directly into the bench structure, providing a place for permanent burial and comfort for visitors. Others may choose cremation rocks, a marker that provides additional beauty to the grounds.

Scattering Gardens

For those looking for an option to safely scatter cremated remains, some cemeteries offer scattering gardens. Families may scatter a portion of remains in a serene garden, giving loved ones and future generations a place to visit and remember.

Cremation gardens and scattering gardens provide families the ability to carry on the tradition of honor and commemorating loved ones.