Established in 1973, Laurel Hill Funeral Home and Memorial Park in Spotsylvania, Virginia is located near the Wilderness Presidential Resort. 
The grounds, which house a number of lovely gardens including the Garden of Time with a large circular clock and peaceful round sitting area and the Garden of Prophets with a beautiful statue of Three Biblical Prophets overlooking a pond, are considered historical land that date back to the Civil War. The area is designed as a circle to minimize any confusion for visiting loved ones, and is populated with an abundance of wildlife, including songbirds, deer and squirrels.
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Facility Amenities

  • Traditional Ground and Cremation Burials
  • Outside Mausoleums and Niche Entombment
  • Indoor Mausoleum and Niche Entombment
  • Chapel Mausoleum and Niche Entombment
  • Private Crypts
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