NorthStar Memorial Group (NSMG) represents the nation’s finest funeral, cemetery, cremation and memorialization locations. Each is unique, each is home to a tradition of leadership, and all uphold NSMG's promise of unprecedented passion and service.
Since 2004, NorthStar Memorial Group has grown, evolved and led the funeral and cemetery profession with a fresh perspective and without ever losing sight of what we do best: celebrating life and passionately supporting the families it serves. What began as a single property in Decatur, Illinois has now expanded to include more than 85 funeral, cremation and cemetery locations serving thousands of families across the United States. At NorthStar Memorial Group, passion creates meaningful action. It understands the gravity of loss. NSMG respects the emotions that families face. And it's professionals sensitively guide them to a place of comfort and relief. As an organization, NSMG strives to put itself into the shoes of their client families. As such, NSMG demonstrates a duty to care for the departed, comfort the living and help families plan for the future. With 85 funeral and cemetery locations in eleven states, NSMG is able to serve thousands of families with passion, compassion, motion and emotion. NSMG has a steadfast commitment to actively invest in the communities it touches.
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