Established in 1954, Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens in Florence, Alabama is located off Highway 72, near Shoney's Restaurant, and close to the Tennessee River and Dam as well as Deibert Park.
The grounds offer vast gardens surrounded by greenery, trees, and blooming rose bushes. It is one of only eight Hope Memorials in the United States. Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens offers traditional ground burials, mausoleums, and a columbarium for niches.
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Facility Amenities

  • Veterans Garden
  • Mausoleum Community and Private Mausoleums
  • Hedge Estates
  • Niche Estates
  • Southern Magnolia Trees
  • Colorful Roses
  • Upright Memorials
  • Bronze Gardens

Memorial Options

  • Graveside
  • Garden Covered Patio
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