Reasons to Consider Burial Insurance

Planning ahead can help a family manage the expenses, which can be substantial, associated with death. Burial insurance is one option many choose.

Reasons for Purchasing a Burial Insurance Policy:

  • For individuals who want to pre-plan but are not 100% certain that they will remain in the same geographic area throughout their entire lives.
  • For individuals whose preference for burial, entombment, or cremation may change.
  • When the cemetery, funeral home or memorial provider does not allow for pre-planning or charges too much interest for pre-paying.
  • If the cemetery, funeral home or memorial company does not place all pre-paid money into an independently monitored trust.
  • If there is any reasonable chance that the cemetery, funeral home or memorial provider may not be in business to fulfill its obligations at the time of need

Reasons for Not Purchasing a Burial Insurance:

  • The monthly insurance premium payments do not make economic sense.
  • The cemetery, funeral home or memorial provider offers low-interest, or zero interest, pre-payment plans.
  • The cemetery, funeral home, or memorial provider lock-in all costs and guarantees all goods and services.
  • There is a significant discount offered by the funeral home or cemetery for pre-payments made directly with them.